Zomato Gold A Quick Review

Zomato Gold – A Quick Review

I still remember signing up for Zomato Gold almost a year and two months ago because of intense peer pressure amongst my colleagues. It was really a “too good to be true” offering and hence the FOMO made me buy it.

Almost 2 months back I got a call from an enthusiastic Zomato sales guy asking me to renew my membership at a “throwaway” price again bringing the FOMO back.

As enthusiastic I was about asking him to send me the payment link for renewal , I immediately had a flashback.

Flashback of all the times I went to a restaurant just to see it jam packed with a lot of customers waiting to get a table.

Flashback of all the times I chose to pick a “not so highly rated” restaurant over a regular one just because it had a promise of 1+1.

Flashback of all the times the management of the restaurant had a different interpretation of what constituted as a food item right from the soup to the Mocktail to even denying a lot of “exclusive” or “platter” items not eligible for Gold.

Flashback of times when I had to present my ID proof to establish “I am the one who unlocked”

And how can I forget the most important of all these flashbacks – The magical downsize of items being served with almost 20–50% of their regular portion size the moment I said I have Zomato Gold.

Coming back to the call, I told the guy No. To which he asked why?

I only quoted the last flashback. He heard very patiently and disconnected.


To be honest, the membership may be a “good to have” thing to boast about but not something which is essential.


I recently upgraded to HDFC Regalia credit card from HDFC Regalia first that gave me a complimentary one year membership to Zomato Gold.

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