As of September, 2020 this blog now has ~11k+ Users from 10+ countries bulk of which happen to be from India.

I have started a weekly webinar series. Attending the webinar gives you lifetime access to the video and the presentation.

These videos are detailed deep dives into the industry followed by the company. The idea is to assimilate the maximum understanding we can through an interactive session.

At the end of the day, 5% of the people make wealth from the other 95% in the market. Whether you’re in any one of these categories, let’s aim at going a notch higher.

September, 2020

#001 – API & Solara

This was the inaugural webinar for kicking off the video archive series. It was attended live by 50+ users from 4 countries. Click here to register for access.

#002 – FMCG & Britannia

My detailed post on Britannia Industries was published on Investing.com. I take a deep dive on the FMCG landscape and Britannia on 19th September 2020. Click here to register.

#003 – Internet & Info Edge

This is one of the most popular reads on my blog. Because of the complicated nature of the industry, it sometimes gets confusing in understanding the industry dynamics. I take a deep dive on the company here on 26th September 2020. Click here to register.

If there’s something you want me to cover in detail, feel free to tweet to me or e-mail at saket.mehrotra93@gmail.com

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