Taking Risks Life & Career

Taking Risks – Life & Career

Ajay Banga? Who?

Well, we’ve all seen multiple posts around Indians taking over the world, global CEO’s increasingly being of Indian origin. Ajay Banga is one of them. He is the CEO of Mastercard.

Ajay Banga had a truly high flying career with Citibank when he took the decision to join MasterCard and ultimately ending up as CEO. This reminds me of how Aditya Puri took a similar decision when he decided to build HDFC Bank in India back in ’94.

This 49 minute video gives an interesting perspective on Ajay Banga’s career.

Fun anecdote from the video –

Is cash free?

“If you thought cash is free, think again. The drugs that you bought for that house party was paid for in cash. Cash is often accompanied by a security personnel who carries it till it reaches the ATM and there is someone who would be loading it into the teller machine. Think again, cash is not free and it is sure as hell not cheap.”

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Take risks in life and not just for the sake of taking it.

What was your big takeaway from the video?

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Ajay Banga -really great personality, a person with very clear thoughts, truly speaking I didn’t know much about him though only knew about his name and his being CEO of MasterCard. Thanks Saket, for this video that gave me insights in to life of such an interesting and knowldegable personality. Also his Indian experience is worth noting atleast that gives you important clues to handle a common Indian situation. Though I didn’t like his, at times, making fun of Indian circumstances but being surrounded by tougher circumstances make you attuned to handling tough things. Anyways you could have shared more about your take aways from this video that I personally missed Saket. Nevermind you’ve done a nice job. Thanks

Thanks Jitender. Glad that you liked the post and had something to learn from it. Even I heard him speak the first time I had seen this video. It was always fascinating to hear the rest of the tech entrepreneurs who keep doing a lot of media appearances from time to time, but Mr. Banga’s presence is quite rare. Would definitely try to share more insights in my future posts. Thanks for your feedback.

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