#032 Where are we headed?

This week we saw an interesting turn of events happen. While I enjoy reading the ‘Greed & Fear’ series by Jeffries on an ongoing basis, the latest edition did throw some good insights, as usual.

To start of, the highlight of the report was the MSCI ex-Japan index going a little overweight on India from 9% to 14% hinging on the premise that the Government has indicated that the country cannot go for another nationwide lockdown.

While there has been a resurgence in the number of cases and the deaths that are happening all around, state governments have resorted to localised lockdowns in certain pockets of their cities here and there.

Maharashtra, which was one of the principal contributors to this resurgence seems to have got things under control in terms of the reduction in active cases and deaths, but yet to bottom out.

While Chris argues that multiple high quality private sector banks are available at almost beaten down valuations, our internal team at Alpha Swing has a divergent view on HDFC Bank.

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It’s been almost a month since the last weekly newsletter was published. So here’s what has been unwrapped:

Webinar Updates*

Laurus Labs – A company that has almost been on a phenomenal run, we discussed their existing competitive advantage and why one should really try and look at how the company is looking ahead not just 2-3 years ahead but probably 5-6 years ahead!

Avanti Feeds – We did start doing some deep dives into the agri-related space and picked up two stocks which are respective leaders in their own space – shrimp feeds and poultry products. For Avanti, we feel they have a significant margin compared to their peers when it comes to the feeds space.

Venky’s – India’s largest listed producer of poultry products is available today at a market cap of ~2,200 cr. When you annualize their last quarter earnings, they are almost trading at a forward multiple of 5-7x. Find out more about the company and this space by accessing this.

April Round – Up – Two of our companies discussed earlier, Britannia and Laurus Labs came out with their quarterly results. We take a deep dive through their investor presentations and try to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Transparency Initiatives

At Beta to Alpha, we have always strived to keep adding exponential value to whatever it is that we do. As a part of our Transparency Initiatives, we have disclosed our portfolio holdings and the price tracker of all the stocks we have covered in our webinars.

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Stock Room Sunday | Episode 6

This week, Vishal and I discuss about cyclical stocks – Metals and Sugar, two spaces that seem to be gearing for some tremendous upside in the upcoming weeks based on Vishal’s technical screens.

What do I do?

Give you a quick run-up of the fundamentals in this space!


Podcast of the Week

Book of the Week

This week I wish to re-iterate and repeat a must-read book recommended to me almost multiple times and I keep missing completing this book.

I vow that I will finish this book by May, 2021.

Can you take a guess which book would this be?

Cool. Now do this!

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Song of the Week

Ever since I have done a deep dive on Saregama and been trying to go deep on the music streaming space, from now on, at least for sometime, I will be biased in putting up songs from this label.

A very special reader sent in her recommendation for this song to be featured this week.

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