In the Media

Guest contribution for – is the world’s premier website for Finance and Investing getting ~167+ Mn views a month. My article on Britannia Industries has been republished here.

Guest contribution for – is India’s premier website for Finance and Investing in India. It has close to ~8 Bn+ annual views from people all over the globe. Having tried multiple things and experimented with both trading and investing in various capacities, I have learned expensive lessons. The article was curated for the ‘Pro’ members in the ‘Guruspeak’ section. The article can be accessed here.

TRT World

Guest Interview for TRT World – I was live on TRT World (A Turkish state international news channel broadcast 24-hours per day in English) in May, 2020 expressing my initial thoughts on the USD 266 Bn stimulus announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 12th May, 2020. The clip can be accessed here.


Elearnmarkets is an online financial market training platform, which is committed to take finance training to the next level. Their YouTube channel has close to 1.2 Bn+ lifetime views.

I engage with Mr. Vivek Bajaj, the co-founder in an hour long conversation about Reliance Industries here.


Guest post on Solara Active Pharma Sciences (SAPS) – SAPS has created a niche API space play for itself in the Indian market. Read about it in details here. This is my most deeply researched piece till June, 2020.

Guest post on TTK Healthcare – I have contributed a guest article for Capitalmind – an investment research and wealth management firm based out of India. You can access the article here.

Narayana Engineering College, Nellore

I was invited as a guest speaker to talk about investing and capital markets along with two other panellists. You can access my presentation from 30:19 here.

Twitter Appreciation

Other Places

GSN Invest – My perspective on the re-kindling of collaborations and partnerships in the Covid – 19 world. You can access the article here.

Recently, there was a lot of chatter around the Real Estate industry. I try to highlight both the demand and supply-side perspectives in this post.

Guest Contributions – My articles are re-posted on this newly made intuitive mobile blog FinBloggers. The same is available on Android and iOS and can be downloaded here. Along with me, you can read content from other finance enthusiasts.

My article on Nestle has been re-published with my permission in the blog of SquareOff and Galactic Advisors.

Financial Planning – The Economic Times did a piece on building a financial plan and goals in the year 2019 which can be accessed here.

Satire – My satire piece was published in Fakingnews, India’s leading digital journal on satires in 2016 which can be accessed here.

Media Bite – I was lucky to be a part of the premier of “1971 India’s finest hour” a documentary on India’s role in the Bangladesh Liberation war. The bite can be accessed here.

Video Resume – This was a part of the application process of the Wipro Cohorts program in 2016 (Qualified among the top 5). The same can be accessed here.

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