My Story

Ever since a young age I had a knack for numbers. Whether it was adding up prices of grocery items when I went shopping with my mom, acing Mathematics in school or clearing my Chartered Accountancy - numbers were an integral part of my career growing up.

I currently work as a Fund Manager with Tusk Investments where our mandate is to deploy capital in listed public equities in the Indian markets. Prior to this I have had stints in Corporate Finance, Treasury and Financial Planning & Analysis in top global and Indian multinational corporations.

I have been following the Sensex since 2009 and taken active interest in understanding the equity markets in India. Through this journey of more than a decade and half (almost) I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences. This has been across everything - intraday trading, futures and options, long - term investing, mutual funds and even leveraged products.

The key learning had one central theme - always assess the risks before fantasizing about the rewards.

My tryst with credit cards started when I got my first full time job in 2017. Over a period of 6 years I went from using 1 to almost 7 credit cards at one point. Not all 'invite-only' cards are worth the hype and neither all 'lifetime - free' credit cards are bad. Why is the use of credit cards important? Well, a lot of us do not realise this but to spend 100 rupees, we need to earn at least 120 (because the government takes taxes from you when you earn - salary, profit or even a lottery). It becomes quintessential, that we make the most from our spends so that the gap between 'deemed' and 'actual' income comes down.

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