Thanks for dropping by and giving me two of your most valuable resources – your attention and your time.

Attention because in today’s world of instantaneous gratification and Dopamine hits, it really takes an audacious amount of conscious effort to go through texts that are a tad bit longer than 140 characters. Attention is precious. If you’ve read this whole paragraph on why attention is valuable the importance of the other resource becomes self explanatory.

My name is Saket Mehrotra and I’ve spent a fair bit of my life (26 years and counting as on 2020) around numbers – adding up prices on grocery lists, securing top one percentile scores in Mathematics in High School to completing my Chartered Accountancy in order to eventually pursue a career in Finance.

In case Finance does not interest you, you would love to read the Everything Else section of the Blog. There is also a collection of Curated Content and hand-picked Book Reviews.

In the Beta to Alpha section of this blog you will find articles covering basics of Finance and Stocks, detailed narratives of Indian Companies beyond numbers and some tips to manage your personal finance better.

My fascination for equity markets started in ’09 trying to get a hang around colourful Annual Reports that used to show up through post in our mailbox. My dad used to do exactly the same thing which I believe 99% of the world’s retail shareholders do, throw it in the trash for recycling.

While I aim to allocate a fair amount of my spare time reading, a series of carefully curated content from around the world and hand picked book reviews are covered in the Library section.

There is also a conscious endeavor of giving back – a list of prospective business ideas amassed from various sources under the Library section.

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Apart from Numbers, my other interests include cooking South Asian cuisine, playing the Bass Guitar and scribbling chalk on the black board.

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