#035 Interesting Policy Tailwinds

While we have kept seeing a slew of policy initiatives being announced for quite some time now, this week I came across three interesting finds that seem to be just pushing the envelope.

Number One.

While doing my deep dive on Zomato and it’s upcoming IPO, I came across this.

Prime Minister Street Vendor’s AtmaNibhar Nidhi (PM SVANidhi) Scheme, MoHUA. Under this, pilot runs are being currently made to on-board street vendors onto the food – tech platforms. (Link)

Number Two.

The Model Tenancy Act was notified by the Union Government on Friday. This aims to protect the rights of both the tenants and the landlords and ensure that there is consistency in rental agreements.

The States and the UTs now need to notify this to make this effective in their respective states and UTs. While this code is not retrospective but it does ensure a high level of certainty on the cash flows of rental agreements – REITs, realty stocks etc. should see good tailwinds going into the future.

Number Three.

Ethanol based blending target has now been advanced from 2030 to 2025. For the uninitiated, ethanol is blended with the fuel used with a bid to reduce import dependency on crude alongside ensuring a new stream of farm income.

Alongside advancing targets for ethanol based blending, an ethanol-only fuel E-100 is presently being piloted in Pune in India.

Where do we see the markets headed?

This week’s technical views have been encapsulated here.

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This week we did a deep dive on understanding Natco Pharma.

We indexed some of our discussion back to what we discussed around the incessant price hikes undertaken by Valiant Pharmaceuticals back in the day in USA when Hillary Clinton also ended up calling the company out in her presidential campaign.

A similar story is presently panning out with the cancer-treating drug Revlimed – a drug that has had close to 22 price hikes and now sells for almost USD 716 per pill.

Besides entering into Phase – III clinical trials for Molnupiravir, Natco is also getting into agro-chemicals.

Oh, and they are also the ‘First-to-file’ for Revlimed in USA.

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Today we completed episode 12 of Stock Room Sunday.

While Vishal talked about interesting technical setups alongside his view on the index, I ended up looking back on a sell and buy decision done last week.

We also discussed fair bit around psychology.



Saregama now seem to be upping their game on content.

This is something we had discussed exhaustively in our March Webinar.

This week they released their teaser to their upcoming song.



This week, I once again go back to reading The Psychology of Money. In the interest of probably recommending it for the fourth time, maybe you and hopefully I, complete reading it this time.


As readers keep giving me more feedback to curate songs, here are two picks for the week.

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