#034 Who's waving the red cloth?

In a dramatic turn, last week the Indian equity markets had a sharp rise. Both the benchmark indices – Nifty and Bank Nifty closed at record high levels compared to the sideways trend that has been going on for quite a few months now.

From a sector perspective, Metals remained a little cautious compared to what we have seen in the past, but if one were to look at the China HRC prices, they have been on a massive upward trajectory with some cool-off happening in May.

April ’21 IPM (Indian Pharmaceuticals Market) also saw robust growth of ~51% in the secondary market data that was published with anti-infectives therapy area leading the pack for the growth.

Where do we see the markets headed?

This week’s technical views have been encapsulated here.

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This week we did a deep dive on understanding how a Discounted Cash Flow model works.

We understood concepts like Free Cash Flow, Time Value of Money and most importantly what is the relevance of Cost of Capital.

Any DCF can give you any answer based on what you want the DCF to tell you.

It is subjective and can also be objective.

As Mark Twain once said,

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Today we completed episode 10 of Stock Room Sunday.

This has to be the most special episode shot till date.


Well, we covered spaces all the way from auto ancillary, pharmaceuticals, realty, and I got a chance to discuss my new long term stock idea.

No points for guessing – It was Tips Industries!

This has been my favorite episode till date.



Two of the finest thought leaders discuss for an hour!

Could this video have been any better?

There is no point in picking sides. What one needs to realize is that the markets are so deep, that both style of investing can co-exist.

While Saurabh keeps talking about Asian Paints and Pidilite as his ‘Consistent Compounders’, he also has a ‘Little Champs’ portfolio which has delivered phenomenally on returns this year.


This week, I once again go back to reading The Psychology of Money. In the interest of probably recommending it for the third time, maybe you and hopefully I, complete reading it this time.


As readers keep giving me more feedback to curate songs, here are two picks for the week. Both recommended by the very same ‘special reader’.

No points for guessing, one of them is from Saregama.

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