#033 Signs of Hope?

Multiple pharmaceutical companies are now on the race of getting EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) on back of promising clinical trials.

While the peak load of cases have been coming down, it is not over until it is over as we’ve seen in the past.

Banks have continued to drag down the key indices, on account of fears around asset quality and moratorium answers – something that we had discussed in edition #032 alongside our house research done on the technical side for HDFC Bank.

This week’s technical views have been encapsulated here.

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This week we did a deep dive on Tips Industries.

While doing a research on that space, we found an interesting study by IMI – the apex think tank for the music industry in India about the overview of the industry.

The global music industry is worth ~22 bn of which today streaming comprises ~10 bn.

Compare this to India – which is right now at USD 0.2 bn with almost 85% flow coming from streaming!

While the industry is still nascent, we might be on the exponential trajectory to do in music what we have done with payments thanks to UPI.

Find out more about the deep dive here.

This week, my twitter thread on evolution of the streaming space got some love in the FinTwit community.

Did you have a look?

Previous Deep Dives

Laurus Labs – A company that has almost been on a phenomenal run, we discussed their existing competitive advantage and why one should really try and look at how the company is looking ahead not just 2-3 years ahead but probably 5-6 years ahead!

Avanti Feeds – We did start doing some deep dives into the agri-related space and picked up two stocks which are respective leaders in their own space – shrimp feeds and poultry products. For Avanti, we feel they have a significant margin compared to their peers when it comes to the feeds space.

Venky’s – India’s largest listed producer of poultry products is available today at a market cap of ~2,200 cr. When you annualize their last quarter earnings, they are almost trading at a forward multiple of 5-7x. Find out more about the company and this space by accessing this.

April Round – Up – Two of our companies discussed earlier, Britannia and Laurus Labs came out with their quarterly results. We take a deep dive through their investor presentations and try to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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This week, Vishal and I start with our collective views on ITC.

Don’t worry – We just spend 40 seconds on that.

We discuss a few interesting ideas, what’s happening in the fertilizer space, and finally end the discussion with a view on where we see the markets headed.

What do I do?

Give you a quick run-up of the fundamentals in this space!



Free Market thinker and nobel laureate Milton Friedman talks about the multiplier effect of savings – found a great short two minute video!


Tim Ferris talks about a concept of getting truly into financial independence.

Do check out his revolutionary 4-Hour Work Week book here.


Since Eid was around and I continue to keep exploring the catalogue of Saregama, here’s a pick for you this week!

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